Italians are great

i am in a room with 3 italians. i can't understand a word.

must..... sleep.... soon.....

Getting to be nap time. Hoorah! Things are well. The board arrives in about 4 days. I'm nervous and excited. I think we are ready. I hope we are ready. One way or another, they are committed at this point, so ready or not, it's going.

Wanted to post new pics of the apt. here soon, but it hasn't really improved much. The bathroom is pretty together, but that's about it. The living/dining room is comfy, but not complete. Waiting for time to go get the other furniture. Soon.

Is there anything better than fresh strawberries?

i got these perfectly ripe berries at the market today. they won't last until this evening.

but that's ok. i will walk back to the market tomorrow. I may even wait in line for crepes. mmmm.