I'm Dying in Here...

I just dyed my first two skiens of hand-spun yarn. I used Kool-Aid. My hands now smell like a wet blue cherry breeze sheep - half pre-school, half farm-yard, all fun. I took photos, but don't know what's become of my USB cable, so no uploading for now. Sorry.

Gotta go. Kitty cat just came in to use the box - that's all animal grossness smell without the fun. Eeeeww without the Ewe.

Nobody Blogs

So sometimes I feel a little guilty - you know - about the blog. People roll their eyes when I mention my blog, because really it's hardly a blog at all. I mean, to be a blog, it needs somewhat regular entries and whatnot. I'm a little lacking there.

As I looked around today I noticed that I'm not the only one. This is both comforting and a little sad. I have nothing to say, but neither, it appears, does anybody else. Ok, so there are a few true believers out there who seem able to keep up the banter, but for the most part there's largely silence.

So - maybe it's the holidays. Maybe we are so tied up in our "real" lives that we have no time. All that family and togetherness. Maybe it's just not the scene anymore - is blogging just a little "Soooooo 2004?"

Or have we just blogged ourselves out of much that seemed to have had substance once? Are we talking more in real life and less in the online space?

I always meant to blog more. I meant to say clever or amusing things to the masses. Not that my blog ever appealed to masses. Trying to figure out why I don't.....

New Favorite Artist

Check out Plastique Monkey. She's swell.

Someone was reading my blog apparently, and wants you to buy me this wheel :)