Christmas!?!! Already!

Ah, tis the season. I'm always torn about gift lists, but then people complain that I'm "Hard to Shop For" so this year I'll post a little list.... I do have an Amazon wish list for those who are into that sort of thing

Books on spinning of dying fibers

Girlie Stuff (bath oils, candles, lotions) because I never buy them for myself, but secretly like them

Art Supplies - I really like everything - colored pencils, paints, charcoal, cheesy sculpting plasti-clay... It's all fun

Gloves. I'm always losing them. Usually the Left one. I have Lots of right ones, but the feel so funny on my left hand....

A really nice pair of fabric scissors - my good ones have gone missing

Lately, as I turn into an adult with things like car titles and insurance policies, I've thought a small fire safe would be nice

Magazine Subscriptions to Glass Magazine, Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, or other such art interest publications. Right now I get none.

Saddle Bags for my motorcycle. Keep hanging things on the back seat and haging them get torn up banging into the fender.... bad news.

Nice current U.S. road atlas - I really like the spiral bound kind.

For the Really generous people out there, a donation to Heifer International always warms the heart and lifts the spirit. We really do have everything, and want for nothing, while so many people know real need in their lives every day. Someday I'd love to do one of their study tours....

Things I like that you may or may not know I like which may or may not inspire you towards an unlisted gift - flying kites, building models, playing board games, card games, word games, logic puzzles, Martial Arts (more Tai Chi, less Kung Foo), paper airplanes, vegetarian cooking, old or foreign s toys, language books, Le Petit Prince, I don't know - stuff. Warm stuff. Happy stuff. Hot Coco, fresh pineapple, popcorn......

Finally, if you really wanted to overwhelm me with your generous and loving nature (this is the you won the lottery last week portion of this post), you'd find me the rare and elusive Nikon Micro 70-180mm Zoom lens. This sells occasionally on Ebay for $600-$1400 depending on the savvy of the seller and how long its been since one's been online. For the more economically challenged, yet still rediculously zealous gift giver, there's the Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel. I'll even make you a hat. Retails about $390 with shipping.

Peace, Joy, and Happiness to you and yours this holiday season.