A Good Life

So it's getting close to Australia. I leave on the last day of April. I'm pretty stoked. I booked my flights and I'm coming home via Honolulu. Looking at a grad program there, so I am justifying the extra expense.

Bought music this week. It's been a long time since I bought music, but I've been listening to RED (104.something?) and decided I really like Norah Jones and a few of the songs off of Genius Loves Company, duets with Ray Charles. Good rich mellow emotional tunes. I'm enjoying both.

Blew glass late late Wednesday night (til about 4) and threw my schedule way off. It's spring break and I didn't have to teach, but I'm not getting everything done I was supposed to. Oh well.

Had a rough day today - lots of drama at the studio - but not so much I can't remember that life is good. If you are having any doubts about that, go see Born into Brothels and just try to complain about your life.